DynaFlight 97 Flemish Bowstring Longbow $21.95 Recurve  $21.95
B55 Flemish Bowstring Longbow $15.95 Recurve  $15.95
When entering the string length needed this will be the actual length of the string itself "measured off bow" and not the bows length. Please read  below "how to measure string length" before placing a order. If you have no string then you would put the bows length into the "additional instruction field" by following these instruction below "how to measure bow length" Also note that when ordering a longbow string they come with the standard smaller loop sizes. So please ask for larger loops if you have wider longbow limbs.
All strings are constructed in Black and Tan with Black traditional center  serving unless you choose otherwise from the color choices below "just enter your preferred colors into the additional instructions field at checkout " Halo Center Serving: Some archers still prefer the traditional serving that is included with your bowstring.  However the durability is more limited and re-serving is needed more often than  something like Halo serving. Finger shooters (compound, traditional and FITA)  often prefer Halo, 100% braided Spectra material. All strings ordered come with  the traditional black center serving unless you request the tan option. It is important that you wax your string frequently to protect it from all the outdoor  elements. Apply it when the wax is at room temperature or by rolling it around in the  palm of your hands till it starts getting soft then run it up and down the string a few  times then take a small piece of leather or soft cloth and rub up and down the length of the string quickly, just till you feel it getting warm then stop. ~Beaver Fur Silencers ~ Made out of Tanned Beaver Pelts~ For even more of a Traditional look , order your string along with a set of  Beaver Fur Silencers. 50% to 75% quieter by the dampening of vibration  when the arrow is released. Arrow speed is not affected during flight.  For any bow, any weather. Made of premium tanned beaver hide. Two per set, naturally waterproof due to being beaver fur. ...........................IMPORTANT...............................
If quality is #1 then look no further
For Longbows and Recurves
Custom Flemishbowstrings  Custom Flemishbowstrings Tammy Jo’s  Archery Supplies Tammy Jo’s  Archery Supplies Tammy Jo’s  Archery Supplies Wax:
Order a bowstring with the silencers already installed or un-installed with instructions.
~Flemish Bowstrings are Constructed using B55 or DynaFlight 97~
DynaFlight 97:
If you prefer the Halo serving instead you will need to "Add to Cart" for an additional $2.00
The original high strength Dyneema (100% SK75); very durable, very low creep. DynaFLIGHT 97 is much stronger than regular FastFlight and has much lower creep. For bow's up to 65lbs, very little, if any creep, will be experienced. The type of bowstring material that you use is entirely up to you. But please make sure that your bow is designed to take the bow string that you are about to use. Most older bows with wood or wood/glass limbs are not designed to take the performance strings such as DynaFlight 97, FastFlight, etc. So if in doubt, stick with B55. However, if your bow is approved for dynaflight 97, you will find that they not only increase performance, but also have a longer life span, reduce hand shock and bow vibration, and offer improved stability and accuracy.
updated from the original polyester material; the ideal product for traditional archers
B55 and DynaFlight 97 Strand Requirements: Draw Weight (In pounds) 20 - 30 lbs 8 strands 30 - 35 lbs 10 strands 35 - 45 lbs 12 strands 45 - 55 lbs 14 strands 55 - 80 lbs 16 strands The table indicates how many strands of material the final  string should contain based on the draw weight of the bow.
If you have a old string you were shooting with and were happy with the brace height than this would be your best guide: Take your old string that has been unstrung from the bow for at least 3 hrs. then hammer a small size  finish nail into something sturdy. Now slip one end loop over the nail and take the measurement from this loop end to the other loop end “tip to tip” while stretching it out "hand tight" just good enough  where there is no loose slack in the string.   In most cases a traditional recurve will take a B55 bowstring that is 4" shorter in length measured off the bow than the AMO "bows length" and a bowstring 3" shorter using DynaFlight97. Longbow strings go 3" shorter than the bows length for B55 and 2" shorter for DynaFlight97 Example 1: RECURVES If you have a recurve bow that is 58" in length and wanted a B55 you would want to order a 54" string If you have a recurve bow that is 58" in length and wanted a DynaFlight97 you would want to order a 55" string Example 2: LONGBOWS If you have a longbow that is 58" in length and wanted a B55 you would want to order a 55"string If you have a longbow that is 58" in length and wanted a DynaFlight97 you would want to order a 56 "string Very important: If your measuring from a fast flight type of material such as DynaFlight97 and ordering a B55 instead then you would want to order a B55 approx: 1" shorter than the high performance material because a B55 will stretch and then recover back approx 3/4" while braced depending on your poundage, where a fast flight material such as DynaFlight will stretch very little if any at all. So in regards if you measured from a B55 and want to change to a DynaFlight string then you would do the opposite and go with a string 3/4" to 1" longer. If possible please include the bows AMO into the"additional instructions" field. I do get technical to assure happy and returning customers! Note that there are times you are in a position to order strictly from the bows AMO if you have no string to measure from. If this is the case I will follow the standard guidelines above . If the bow has no markings stating the AMO then please follow below here "how to measure bow length"
How to Choose and Measure Bow String Length: "Standard Guidelines"
How To Measure Traditional Bow Length:
If you have no string and there is nothing printed on the bow re: "AMO" or Bow Length then take a tape measure, start at the nock/string groove of either end "not the bow tips", run tape down the belly (side facing you when you shoot it) of the un-strung bow following the contours of the bow limbs, do not go into the curves of the handle, go straight across to the opposite nock groove and read the measure. Enter the length of the bow into the "additional instructions" field if you will be ordering by the bow length and not the string length and I will make your string by the above standard guidelines.
Beaver Fur Silencers Uninstalled $6.95 Installed     $11.95
Halo Center Serving choose black or tan $2.95
Bowstring Wax
All orders are custom made and if there is some defect "very rare" or wrong length on my part that you original requested I will certainly replace your order.
Tammy Jo Palmer 1010 Forks Rd Deary, Idaho 83823 208.550.9546 Please email me if you have any questions sales@flemishbowstrings.com
US $5.95 flat rate for any amount ordered No International  orders
Do to several phone calls a day it would be much easier to correspond by email where we will be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have . Please read all the information provided  to help you choose the correct string
Please allow 4-8 "BUSINESS DAYS"  for custom orders to be completed. They will then be mailed by usps. You will receive a tracking number when your order ships.
Flemishbowstrings, Beaver Fur Silencers, Bowstring Wax
Each string comes pre-stretched, center-served, waxed and ready to shoot black, tan, red, silver, yellow, green,  odd geen, gold, sunset orange, deep blue, white, buckskin, black cherry,  and root beer You can pick 2 or 3 colors from above or  choose a solid color string. Center serving color  choices are in black or tan only These bowstrings are “custom made by hand, no machines used!!!” to the highest specifications and  standards. Tammy Jo has supplied some of the largest bow manufactures, Hoyt USA, Mathews, etc. along with thousands of satisfied individuals with her reputable flemish bowstrings.
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                        Please allow 4 to 8  "BUSINESS DAYS"  for custom orders to be completed. They will then be mailed by USPS
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